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 Sweet Escape 
is a North Shore Boston band with a contemporary country pop jive!
There is so much heart and soul in their vocals & lyrics! 
Their original music is definitely on the cutting edge of a new genre!
They bring their own style with an eclectic mix of cover songs
with pop, rock, country and blues! 
Sweet Escape originally started in May 2009.  They have been so blessed
to have a group of such amazingly talented musicians and personalities all 
together in one band! Deciding on a band name led them through many
variations when they finally decided on"Sweet Escape" due to the fact 
that their band practice was their sweet escape from their everyday reality.  
Although their backgrounds have led them through different
genres of music, eras and lifetime experiences, 
they came together as one unity through their music. 
The band members have rotated throughout the years with Cindy
as the constant on lead vocals and rhythm guitar.
but they always continue to carry on combining their talents
to create an authentic style.  They don’t consider themselves a
 “cover band” but a band who plays covers along with their original music.  
Their set list has a wide array of songs including Pop, Modern Country,
Rock and Blues from the 1960’s to today. 

They released their 1st album"Not a destination"August of 2010,
their 2nd album "Crossroads" August 2012,
and their 3rd album "Looking back"  February 2014
 in loving memory and honor of their beloved guitarist Mark Bowman
December 31, 1963 - September 21, 2013



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