Sweet Escape

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Sweet Escape is a North Shore Boston band with a 

contemporary country pop jive!

There is so much heart and soul in their vocals & lyrics! 

Their original music is definitely on the cutting edge of a new genre!

They bring their own style with an eclectic mix of cover songs

with pop, rock, country and blues!  

Sweet Escape originally started in May 2009 and have been blessed to have a group of such amazingly talented musicians and personalities all together in one band.  Deciding on a band name led them through many variations when they finally decided on "Sweet Escape" due to the fact that their band practice was their sweet escape from their everyday reality.  Although their backgrounds have led them through different genres of music and lifetime experiences, they came together as one unity through their music.  This band also plays Pop, Modern Country, Rock and Blues covers from the 60's to today by combining their own authentic style and making it their own sound. 



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