Remember how it all started, those warm days in between
When sipping drinks was easy, no rhyme or reason to be seen
The sun was on my face and my feet were in the sand
No difference between day and night, don't know where I would land

Last call for summer, the time is running out
Last call for summer, you can hear the people shout
Last call, last call, it's last call for summer
Winter leads us back again to what it's all about

The colored leaves will fall and the sun will turn to snow
It's bittersweet the sand is gone, don't know which way to go
I look outside to windshield frost, the beach chair sits alone
The fire flies come back again when winter's finally done


From pumpkins, wreaths and new year's kiss
To hearts, shamrocks and pink tulips
From stars, stripes and barbeques
To fireworks then winter blues
It all comes back to summer
Hard to say goodbye to summer