1. Believe me

From the recording Not a destination


Verse 1
So many times with you I always put me first
Now that you're not with me I know I'm wrong, that's worse
Do you wonder how I am and if I've really changed?
Or do you sit alone thinking I'm the one to blame?

Believe me, believe me, I know that I've changed
Believe me, believe me, I'm different now you'll see
Believe me, believe me, I can be the way you want me to be
Believe me.

Verse 2
Now by a thread you're hanging on to my heart's last chance
You hold your ground again with mistrust in your stance
A light was on inside but now you're scared it's fade to black
The love lost dread inside my head that you won't come back


Take me back to where we were, it's not too late
Don't leave me now, can't be written in my fate

Chorus 2X