1. Coming home

From the recording Not a destination


Verse 1
The path I've crossed is the one I chose
Coming home to a place I know
Tried to leave but back for more
Keep coming home to an open door

Verse 2
Thought about what's on the other side
The grass was greener couldn't water mine
I used to reach for the sky but land on the floor
Found myself wishing my cup half full

No matter where I go
No matter what I do
No matter what I've done
Nothing will keep me from coming home to you.

Verse 3:
Never travel far but took a few wrong turns
Made it back to you with mistakes I've learned
Questions in my mind but you saw me through
But it always brought me home to you


All of the time I've been wastin
Life behind me I'm chasing
Thrill of seeing new places
Mystery of new faces

Like water to rain and darkness to night
Light of the dawn that it's you I desire