From the recording Not a destination


Verse 1
Are you a friend you'd long for
No one that you'd berate
When you look at your reflection
Do you see decree or fate

Chorus 1
One good friend
One good friend
One good friend
My good friend

Verse 2
Are you someone you thought you'd be
Save me in the dead of night
No conditions, fears or jealousies
No fairweather, fight or flight

Chorus 2
One good friend, I used to say that's easy
One good friend, be someone you can trust
One good friend, I hope that's how you see me
Your good friend

Verse 3
Hear me when no one's listening
Tell me what I want to hear
I want to be part of you
A greater something

Chorus 2
Solo (Chorus chords 2x)
Chorus 2 repeat

One good friend is all you need