1. The way


It's like the,,,the way that you seem to be
Like the way a,,,leaf is to a tree
Like the..way a heart is to a beat

It's like how you appear to be
When life becomes crazy
How you...give me the strength to breathe

I"d go, I"d go with you, I"d go with you anywhere

It's the way I dreamt when I was10
It's like the way I've imagined
Like the way on cable tv

When they said wake up from dreaming
All the times I'd end up screaming
At someone who was never listening

I'd go with you baby I'd go, I'd go with you anywhere
I'd go with you and I'll show you darling
I'll go with you, anywhere and everywhere

Ooh ooh ooh
I'd go with you anywhere
By car, by train or monorail
I never believed again I'd feel
For someone like you a way so real
That's why I know I'd go...I'd go with you
Take me with you
Take me with you

I'll go with you, I'll show you life and love
I'll go baby, I'll go ......