1. Wonder

From the recording Not a destination


Verse 1
Tried to read your mind, confused by the signs,
Controlling what you say.
Saying what I mean, there's more important things,
It's not the game I play.

Verse 2
All the time you waste, I"m saying things you hate
You never make your thoughts clear.
I know we are the same but you think I put the blame
Remember I'm who's been here.

Wonder, wonder, wonder what you're thinking
Wonder, wonder, wonder what your point is
Wonder, wonder, wonder where your heart is
Wonder, wonder, wonder what you're thinking

Verse 3
I look into your eyes, what's going on inside,
You won't tell me that you need me.
Hide behind your fears, afraid to show your tears,
Don't know if you still want me.


Oooh-Why do you separate us?
You'll be the one to break us
Seems you have made your mind up
In the dust is where you'll end up.