1. Waiting

From the recording Not a destination

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Verse 1
Standing in line, for the phone to ring
Check is in the mail and angel gets his wings
Yes instead of maybe, for you to get home soon
Rain to stop, the sun to shine and flowers start to bloom

Waiting, just waiting
Losing my mind when I waste my time
Waiting, still waiting
Trying my patience it just don't make sense
I'll keep on waiting

Verse 2
The scale to move down lower, for you, it's been a while,
The nine months I have waited, to see my baby's smile
Medicine to work soon, a vacation in the sun
Get a raise, bills be paid, and this day to soon be done


Spending my time everyday just waiting for something
I keep wondering will a reach a time and stop waiting


Verse 3
Punishment is over, everything to be ok
Home inspection passing and the next thing that you'll say
Time to get a new car , your plane to finally land
Appreciation, recognition, and to fall in love again