From the recording She calls him Jersey


Match from heaven but they don't know 6 years ago in September
They fight, makeup they are the same but who's to blame
They say whatever
Since that first date they wanted more didn't know for sure they'd be together
Love of his life, man of her dreams he holds the reigns but she pulls the strings

Sunrise sunset the time was right that Sunday night
She is always on his side he is on hers
That Lynn girl she calls him Jersey...Jersey

She makes him mad wont change a thing, like George Straight sings They “give it all they got tonight”
They laughed through tears and drank some wine through those hard times, he stayed beside her
The love he gave her kept her strong as time when on when his blood saved her

He holds her up like she’s the light
And follows her lead taking her in stride
They take long walks he quotes tv, she wonders....will he marry me?

Match made from heaven they didn’t know for sure..6 years ago
She had her kids, family of 3 along he came made it complete
He cares for them like their his own loves them through rain and storm
The time has come to say I do....for worse or better.

Sunrise sunset the time was right that Sunday night
Sunrise sunset he said love of my life
Sunset the time is now and so he said....will you be my wife?

She is always on his side he’s on hers
That girl from Lynn, she calls him Jersey...Jersey